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Buy the car of your dreams!

Friday is a dealer to dealer auction, there is no public bidding. 

Saturday  is 2015 PEI Antique and Colletible Car Auction.


1 - We invite and encourage you to come and look regularly at the auction Gallery page where new arrivals will constantly be added as we have

new registration. You will also be transferred to the  Manheim Auction site where the cars will give even more details.

2 - You have now selected lots of interest. We encourage some research and digging to know what you are getting into. You can talk to one of our

car specialist, Don Larkin will be happy to answer your questions.

3 - Now is the time for you to register as a bidder. You can fill this REGISTRATON form scan it and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Upon your arrival

you will have to leave a security deposit of 200$ at the office desk. You can wait till the Auction day and arrive in advance to finalize registration and

security deposit. There is no registration fee.  

4 – Fantastic you won and are happy with your new toy. The next step is to conclude the sale. Head to the office bidding table and you will be guided

to the next step. Please do not forget to take into consideration the 4% fee based on the buying value of the car that for the Auctioneers.

In order to bid and have a bidding paddle you will be required to fill a  form at our at our bidding table. 

Have your driver’s licence on hand a valid credit card or a nbank draft in the occurence of winning the car of your dreams

There is no deposit required to register for biddings.

Upon completion of a winning bid an immediate deposit of 500$ will be required until the completion of the sale.

Buyers will have till 4,00PM on Monday June 22, to complete the transaction. 

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